問候語 (Greeting)  
1 Hello! Nice to meet you. 哈囉! 很高興見到你
2 Hello! Glad to see you. 哈囉! 很高興見到你
3 How do you do? 你好嗎?
4 Hello, how are you doing? 哈囉!  你好嗎?
5 Nice talking with you. 很高興和你說話
6 Goodbye 再見
7 Take care 保重
8 Please say hello to your family. 請代我向你的家人問好
9 I hope you will come back to Taipei again! 希望你能再來台北做客
10 See you again in the near future. 後會有期



11 Hello, welcome to Taipei ! 你好,歡迎來到台北
12 What's your first impression of Taipei ? 台北給你的第一感覺是什麼?
13 How do you like Taipei ?  你覺得台北怎麼樣?
14 Taipei is a beautiful city. 台北是一座美麗的城市
15 The people in Taiwan are very friendly. 台灣人非常熱情
16 Cheers to our friendship! 為我們的友誼乾杯
17 After you. 你先請
問路 (Asking)  
18 Could you help me? 你能幫我嗎?
19 Would you please do me a favour? 能幫個忙嗎?
20 Would you please give me a hand? 能幫個忙嗎?
21 What can I do for you? 您需要什麼幫助?
22 May I help you? 我可以幫助你嗎?
23 Let me help you. 我來幫你
24 It's very kind of you! 你真是友善
25 Go straight this way. 往前直走
26 Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the Taipei World Trade Center? 對不起,請問台北世界貿易中心怎麼走?
27 Go down this street. Then turn left. 沿這條街走下去,然後往左拐
28 Turn right at the next crossing. 在第二個路口往右拐
29 I'm sorry. I have no idea where it is. 對不起,我不知道它在哪兒
30 Thank you all the same. 儘管如此,還是要謝謝你
31 Is it far from here? 離這兒遠嗎?
32 Yes. You'd better take a bus. 是的,你最好坐公車去
33 No, it's just over there. 不遠,就在那裏
34 It's about one kilometer from here. 距這裏約一公里
35 Excuse me, dose the bus No. 4 stop at Taipei World Trade Center? 請問4號公車是否有停台北世界貿易中心?
36 Where is the nearest post office? 去最近的郵局怎麼走?
37 How long is the ride? 坐車要花多久的時間?
38 It will take about twenty minutes. 大約需要 20 分鐘
39 Thank you very much. 非常謝
40 It's my pleasure. 我的榮幸
購物英語 (Shopping)  
41 Is there anything you would like? 您要買點什麼?
42 Yes, I'd like to buy a book. 是的,我要買本書
43 All right. Here you are. 好的,你要的東西在這裡
44 How much is it? 多少錢? 
45 Are you American? 你是美國人嗎?
46 Could you make it cheaper? 可以便宜點嗎?
47 May I help you? 需要幫忙嗎?
48 Yes, I want to buy a shirt. 是的,我想買一件襯衫
49 What color/ size/ style do you want? 要什麼顏色 / 尺寸 / 樣子的?
50 A blue/ red/ green/ yellow/ white/ black one. 藍色的 / 紅 / 綠 / 黃 / 白 / 黑
51 It's wonderful. I like it very much. 真不錯。我非常喜歡
52 All right. I'll take it. 好的,我買這件襯衫
53 Where do I pay? 在哪裡付款呢?
54 You pay at the cashier over there. 您可以在那邊的收銀台付款
55 May I use my credit card? 我能使用信用卡嗎?
56 Sure. Go ahead. 當然,請便
57 Here's your change/ receipt. 這是您的零錢 / 給您的收據
58 Thanks for your good service. 謝謝你的熱情服務!
59 Do come again, please. 歡迎再來
60 Thank you. 謝謝
61 You're welcome. 不客氣
飯店英語 (Restaurant English)  
62 May I have a look at the menu/wine-list? 可以給我菜單 / 酒的清單 嗎?
63 What's the specialty of this Restaurant? 這個餐廳的招牌菜是什麼?
64 Are you ready to order? 可以點菜了嗎?
65 I'd like something spicy. / I'd like something not spicy 我想吃點辣(不辣)的東西
66 What do you recommend? 有推薦的嗎?
67 The steak sounds good to me. 牛排聽起來還不錯
68 I'm full. I can't eat any more. 我飽了,不能再吃了
69 The bill (check), please. 請結帳
70 Keep the change. 不用找零錢
電話英語 (Telephone English)  
71 Hello, may I speak to Obama? 你好,我可以跟歐巴馬講電話嗎?
72 Hold on, please. 請稍等
73 Sorry, he's not here. 對不起,他不在
74 May I leave a message? 我能留訊息嗎?
75 Can I take a message for him? 我能幫他留個訊息嗎?
76 Here is a call for you. 有人打電話找你
時間,星期和月份 (Time, Days and Months)  
77 What time is it? 現在幾點了
78 It's 6 o'clock. 現在六點
79 Excuse me, could you tell me the time? 對不起,請問現在幾點了?
80 It's half past ten. 現在十點半
81 Excuse me, have you got the time, please? 對不起,請問現在幾點了?
82 It's a quarter to nine. 現在8點45分
83 What day is it today? 今天是星期幾?
84 It's Sunday. 今天星期天
85 What's the date today? 今天幾號?
86 Today is Aug. 2nd. 今天八月二號
87 What month is it? 今天幾月份?
88 It's May. 五月
其他用語 (Other Expressions)  
89 What's the weather today? 今天天氣怎麼樣?
90 It's fine. 天氣很好
91 Lovely day, isn't it? 天氣很好,是吧?
92 Spring is the best season here. 春天是這裏最好的季節
93 Where are you from? 你從哪裡來的呢?
94 I'm from Canada. 我是加拿大人
95 Are you American? 你是美國人嗎? 
96 No, I'm Canadian. 不,我是加拿大人
離開 (Leaving)  
97 When are you off to? 你什麼時候走?
98 I'm flying back tomorrow. 我明天坐飛機回去
99 See you 再見
100 So long 保重


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